Pavelski and Krejci drop the gloves and go at it

A rare scrap between star forwards!

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Never thought I’d see Krejci in a fight… let alone win one.

In case you missed it last night the Boston Bruins managed to squeak past the Dallas Stars, ending out a 4-3 victory. It was a much needed win for the Bruins following embarrassing 5-2 and 9-3 losses to the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks, respectively. 

The bigger story though wasn’t so much the final score, it was the fact that David Krejci and Joe Pavelski dropped the gloves and went at it.

Um…. excuse me? Krejci and Pavelski? Fight?!

You bet!

Check it out:

Not bad, guys. Not bad at all.

Incredibly, this isn’t the first NHL fight for either guy. Krejci has an impressive seven NHL fights on his scorecard according to, while Pavelski himself has six NHL fights on his scorecard.

In this case though, we have to give the edge to Krejci. Hands up if you ever thought you’d see David Krejci in another NHL fight. Okay… now hands up if you ever thought he’d actually WIN the fight? No one? Okay, glad it’s not just me.