Pavelski scores series opener… with his face!

Burns’ point shot deflects off the captain’s face and goes in. Pavelski forced to leave the game.

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all… ever seen a play deflect a puck in with his chin? Well that’s exactly what happened midway through the first period of tonight’s opening game in the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights series.

Sharks blue liner Brent Burns tees one up from the point and… surprise, surprise… Pavelski is in front for the screen and deflection. I just don’t think he counted on tipping this one in with his chin. 

Check it out:

Ouch… it counts, but that’s a tough break for the Sharks. 

Pavelski immediately left the ice, while the rest of his team celebrates his 1-0 goal. An update on Pavelski coming as soon as possible.