Penguins brutally destroy Predators on social media!

That had to hurt…

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NHL teams are trying their best to entertain fans during the shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Pittsburgh Penguins managed to get fans going on Thursday with a brutal tweet. 

As the Nashville Predators wanted to see moments from their 2017 playoffs and asked fans to share a photo from their run, the Penguins went it with a tough blow. 

As you know, the Penguins met with the Preds in the final of the 2017 Stanley Cup final and beat the home team in Nashville to hoist the trophy in Game 6. 

The Pens hit where they knew it would hurt and sent the Predators pictures of them celebrating on their ice and parading around with the Stanley Cup. 

Brutal! We bet that will only intensify the rivalry.