Penguins Fleury comments on trade rumors for the first time.

Fleury responds to the major trade rumors surrounding him in the Cup Final.

Penguins Fleury comments on trade rumors for the first time.

It's rare that heading into the Stanley Cup Final, one of the top storylines surrounds whether or not one of the two team's most recognizable players will be traded before the start of next season, but that is exactly the case for the Pittsburgh Penguins Marc-Andre Fleury.

Fleury has lost his job as the Penguins starting goaltender, there can no longer be any doubt that this is in fact the case, and for the first time Fleury responded to those trades rumors after he was asked about his future as a Penguin, and specifically whether or not he was thinking about what happens next year.

“Not yet,” Fleury said as per NBC Sports. “It’s not time. It’s time to win it, it’s time to chase the Cup, and that’s all that matters.”

Of course no one expected Fleury to admit he expects to be traded but he didn't deny that it was a possibility either, something many believe is now inevitable with the performance of Matt Murray. Instead he put the focus on his team, and winning another cup, even if he does it while sitting on the bench.

“To me, it’s about the team — it’s not about me or the way I play. I can’t be selfish about it,” he said. “I’ve been playing here a long time and I really love this city, and I’d really love for them to have another championship here.

“It’s a lot bigger than me, you know?”