Penguins hate how they are being portrayed by media!

​They made something clear on Tuesday…

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It has been said since the NHL has announced the Return to play plan and its bracket: the fifth-seeded Penguins get what is supposed to be the easiest draw of the play-in round against the Montreal Canadiens. 

However, the Penguins are sick and tired of hearing that they will come out on top of the Habs, without question. In an interview with RDS on Tuesday, assistant coach Jacques Martin revealed how his team laugh about the stats comparison to the Canadiens and how they simply reject the idea that they will be automatic winners, and aren’t happy with how the club is portrayed by media ahead of the postseason. 

“Whenever it’s a qualifying round like the one in which we’re playing, or the first round or the Stanley Cup finals, facing off against the same team for many consecutive games is not easy,” Martin explained, translated from French. 

“The first game is going to a be tough one because it is going to be a shorter series and all teams are at the same level. You always want to have a good start to a series but in a best of five you cannot allow yourself to lose the first game and quickly fall behind.” 

Clearly, the Penguins do not want to fall short of expectations as almost all insiders see them moving forward in the postseason, easily winning over the Canadiens, who were the last time to clinch a spot in the 24-club playoff tournament. 

The Habs top the“lucky to be there” standings, but clearly the Pens fear the Canadiens’ luck could keep going. They don’t want to be jinxed so it looks like they want media to stop saying they will win the series without a doubt.