Penguins mic'd up junior/tyke player is the cutest thing you'll see all week
Pittsburgh Penguins  

Penguins mic'd up junior/tyke player is the cutest thing you'll see all week

“Don't you worry about it, dude!”



The Pittsburgh Penguins, like most NHL teams, have a long-standing tradition of inviting a local minor/youth hockey player to join the team's starting lineup on the ice for the singing of the 'Star Spangled Banner' and 'O Canada'. It's a precious moment in the lives of these young players, one that will hopefully inspire them to foster their love of hockey for years to come.

You know the type of thing I'm talking about.

Personally, as someone who has coached young children for years it's always heartwarming to see kids on the ice with their heroes. Sometimes I even get a little misty eyed for the kids and their families. It's a special moment, for sure.

But, let's be real. Sometimes these moments land even more because the kid is just so enthusiastic about it. And that's exactly what Penguins fans were treated to earlier this week when five year old Samantha Britt took the ice alongside her hero Sidney Crosby.

Just watch this entire video and try not to grin from ear to ear:

“Don’t you worry about it, dude!”

The sass and the self confidence from this young girl is incredible. Her love for the Penguins and for Crosby comes across so pure. I wish that teams would do more mic'd up stuff like this with the NHL's youngest fans. Who doesn't love a good cute kid video?!?!

Some more behind the scenes shots:

Not only does this family have Samantha's big day committed to memory, they can look back on these videos whenever they want. I'm willing to bet that this video will be brought out for special occasions for decades to come.

Kudos to the Penguins and specifically to captain Sidney Crosby for giving this family something to remember and to reflect on forever.

Something that isn't seen on this video, but that's stated on the team's website is that every member of the Penguins' junior program is provided with free gear thanks to the team and an initiative started by Crosby himself. Love it!

Source: Pittsburgh Penguins