Penguins roll out red carpet in their push to hire Kyle Dubas.

Penguins roll out red carpet in their push to hire Kyle Dubas.

Kyle Dubas and the Pittsburgh Penguins appear to have gotten serious over the weekend.

Jonathan Larivee

It would appear as though the Pittsburgh Penguins are putting the full court press on former Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas.

Although we have heard rumblings of Dubas and the Penguins since before he was even fired by Brendan Shanahan and the Toronto Maple Leafs, things seem to have genuinely heated up over the weekend. In fact things have advanced to a point that National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman is now reporting that the job is effectively Dubas' if he wants it.

Friedman, who spoke on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night, revealed that he believes the Penguins are now waiting to hear Dubas' response.

"I think the entire Penguin organization is just waiting to see Kyle Dubas' decision," revealed Friedman on Saturday night. "I believe this is his job if he wants it."

The owners of the Fenway Sports Group are currently out of the country for the F-1 event in Monaco, and it sounds like their return to Pittsburgh this week could be the final step in this potential deal.

"I think when they get back it comes down to are they gonna work it out and is he gonna be the guy?" asked Friedman.

It sounds like Dubas has already taken some major steps in getting familiar with the organization, including meeting with their most important player.

"He met with Sidney Crosby last week, he did a tour of the organization," revealed Friedman. "They put their search on hold to speak to him and woo him."

Perhaps the biggest obstacle now for the Penguins is the appeal of a job in Ottawa for Kyle Dubas, one that would come with a new ownership group and a built-in rivalry with the team that only just recently fired him in so public a fashion.