Pens coach offers up scathing criticism of Oilers organization

The McDavid-Crosby rivalry just went up a notch!

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This is no secret to anyone: the Edmonton Oilers are having quite a hard time this season, currently sitting ± points out of the last Wild Card spot and § in the League. This known fact is something the Pittsburgh Penguins are quite aware of. 

Though the Pens are still fighting for a playoff spot and are looking to buy buyers at the trade deadline en route to a three-peat attempt, one of the team's coaches was quite forward with his comments, criticizing the Oilers on Wednesday. 

Assistant coach Jacques Martin took on the air on a French radio station in Montreal, 91.9 Sports, and pointed out that the rebuild the Oilers seem to be desperately trying to shake off has no guarantee to work in favour of the Canadian club. Unlike the one the Toronto Maple Leafs embarked on a few seasons ago, which has obviously paid off. 

The Leafs are currently in playoff contention and have managed to take care of its stars like Auston Matthews and William Nylander, where as Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl appear lost and always seem looking for answers in a group more talented than it's showing this season. 

Let's see how the Oilers respond to the defending champions' criticism!