Pens head coach and star defenseman 'disappointed' with their team

Winning is everything, even in the pre-season.

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The two-time defending Stanley Cup champions suffered a 3-0 shutout Friday night to their division rivals, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and some are none too happy about it.

Head coach Mike Sullivan took to the podium following the game to discuss the Pittsburgh Penguins’ disappointing result, and didn’t mince words.

“I was a little disappointed. I thought we were going to come out with some energy and some emotion, and it seemed like it was one of those games where we just wanted to get through it. Not invested emotionally into it.”

In reference to the lack of emotion, Sullivan explained that “that's what it takes to win in this league. The game is rooted in emotion. In the absence of it, it's hard to be good. I know we're at our best when we play with some juice. I don't think we had it tonight.”

Sullivan needn’t have voiced his displeasure over a pre-season loss, especially when it was the team’s 7th in 12 days and the majority of the players already secured their spots. But this guy hates to lose, and won’t accept a lackluster effort from his players, ever.

Kris Letang, finally healthy, also had words to share with reporters following the loss. “In general, we didn't show up. That cannot happen when it's your last game of the preseason and you're getting ready.”

It’s pretty clear why this team won two straight Stanley Cups – they are hungry for wins, no matter the importance of the match.