Pens prediction for Third round matchup revealed!

The commentators are unanimous about this one guys!

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Predicting sport outcomes is always tricky. So many things can go right or wrong that defining with certainty which team will prevail is a best-of-4 format is risky at best. How many people were proven wrong following the very quick exit of the Flames and the Blackhawks? 

However, it's always expected from commentator to predict results and, honestly, justify a bit their salary. That's exactly what Puck Daddy did today and the results couldn't be clearer. 

Wow! It's pretty surprising no one see the Senators winning their matchup against the Penguins. Of course, on paper the Pittsburgh crew is better, but the Sens taught us to never count them down too early. 

In the West, it seems the enthusiasm and energy of the Predators convinced almost everyone to vote for them. However, the Ducks are anything but easy preys and they might surprise a few people.