Perlini takes a shot at Arizona on his way out of the state.

Some shade tossed on his way out.

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It sounds like one member of the Arizona Coyotes may not have been all that happy about his time in the organization.

On Sunday night the Arizona Coyotes and the Chicago Blackhawks orchestrated yet another trade between their three organizations, moving 3 of their former first round picks before it was all said and done. The Blackhawks received forward Dylan Strome, a former 1st round pick (3rd overall) in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, and forward Brendan Perlini, a former 1st round pick (12th overall) in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, while the Coyotes got forward Nick Schmaltz, a former 1st round pick (20th overall) in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. 

Now there will no doubt be plenty of debate about the trade in the coming days but what is more interesting right now is the apparent bad blood there now appears to have been between the Coyotes and some of the players moved in this draft. It started with comments made by Arizona Coyores general manager John Chayka, comments that were reported by Coyotes insider Craig Morgan.

According to Morgan while Chayka was discussing the trade he explained that there was a difference between patience and hope only to then add that hope was not an appropriate way to build an National Hockey League organization. Now I suppose this is speculation on my part but the implication here appears to be that the patience the Coyotes had for Strome and Perlini simply ran out, and that hoping these once highly touted prospects woudl one day turn the corner was not a good use of the organizations resources. It's certainly an unusual comment for a general manager to make but comments that have now come from one of his former players may shed some light on why they were made.

Upon arriving in Chicago Perlini revealed that he had heard from former members of the Blackhawks who had been recently traded to Arizona that the Blackhawks were a great organization to play for. While that is interesting in and of itself it was the comment that followed that truly raise some eyebrows.

"I'm excited to be back in a hockey market again," said Perlini as per Blackhawks insider Mark Lazerus.

Call me crazy but that sounds an awful lot like a young man throwing shade at a city where hockey has largely failed to establish it's roots. It seems that not all may have been well within the Coyotes organization at the time of this deal, and perhaps that played a role in this trade getting made.