Peter DeBoer names his starter for Game 3.

DeBoer makes the call.

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There has been an ongoing goaltending controversy in Las Vegas and it likely will not end until the Golden Knights have ended their playoff run in the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs. 

As a result one of the main talking points surrounding the Golden Knights each and every game has been the subject of which goaltender will start the game for them. Marc Andre Fleury was traditionally the team's starter this season but has been usurped by trade deadline acquisition Robin Lehner, at least in the eyes of the organization's head coach Peter DeBoer. Although there have been some fans who have expressed disagreement with the choices made by DeBoer, you would be hard pressed to argue that Lehner has not been the better goaltender since the very moment he arrived in Las Vegas. 

For Saturday night's Game 3 against the Vancouver Canucks Peter DeBoer has once again opted to go with Robin Lehner, the goaltender he has been riding in these playoffs. DeBoer was of course the target of a now infamous tweet from Fleury's agent Allan Walsh and I would be surprised to see DeBoer go with Fleury over Lehner at any point in these playoffs barring a major collapse from Lehner. 

The Golden Knights will play a back to back tomorrow and one of the things I am most looking forward to will be to see whether or not DeBoer goes with Lehner in that scenario again, assuming of course that he has a strong performance against the Canucks tonight. As I stated above I do think riding Lehner here is the right choice on the part of the Golden Knights bench boss and I genuinely believe that he is enough of a professional to completely put that tweet away in the back of his mind until after the playoffs are over, but with that said I have no doubt about what kind of perception a decision like that would create in the eyes of many. 

Even if DeBoer does find himself influenced by the tweet from Walsh, Fleury would have no one but himself to blame for it. There's no doubt in my mind that he approved of his agent publishing that message, especially considering how long it remained up.