Peter DeBoer sets an unbelievable NHL record.

Peter DeBoer sets an unbelievable NHL record.

The head coach of the Dallas Stars now holds a record that may never ever be broken.

Jonathan Larivee

I can't imagine how any other head coach will ever manage to touch this record.

On Sunday night, DeBoer and his Dallas Stars defeated the Vegas Golden Knights in Game 7 to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It was a monumental victory for the Stars, who overcame a tough opponent in the Vegas Golden Knights who had once again managed to load up their roster thanks to the rules around players on long term injured reserve, but the victory was arguably no greater for anyone than it was for DeBoer himself.

Coming into Sunday's game, DeBoer boasted a frankly unbelievable record in Game 7 scenarios, having never lost with a perfect record of 7-0. In fact only one coach in the entire history of the National Hockey League had more Game 7 wins than DeBoer and that man was Darryl Sutter, who boasts a record of 8-3 in Game 7 situations.

DeBoer would of course win the game and has now tied Sutter's record for most Game 7 wins of all time, but DeBoer is of course the only coach to attain the record while remaining undefeated. There's no question that makes his record unique, and I struggle to imagine a scenario in which this accomplishment will ever be replicated.

Congratulations are in order for Peter DeBoer, who could very well claim the record for most Game 7 wins all to himself before these Stanley Cup playoffs have wrapped up.