Peter Forsberg’s son gets in trouble for playing like his dad!

​The legend doesn’t know how to teach his son better!

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Legendary Swedish hockey player Peter Forsberg is now enjoying watching his seven-year old son Lennox learning the game he loves. 

Enjoying? Well, not all the time. Forsberg recently admitted in an interview with Sport Bladet that his son is looking to have the same physical style of play as his father… which is causing trouble in the minor league he is currently playing. 

Here is what Forsberg had to say about his son’s style and how he realizes he is just like him: 

“He always blames the referee if his team lost a game. He probably got that from me.”
“I wasn’t as physical as him is when I was his age, and I’ve told him that he’s not allowed to hit the others. He just says “but you did that all the time dad” and I answer “no, not all the time, it just looks like that on the highlights on youtube”.
“When there’s a player lying in a corner somewhere it’s always him that did something - but he’s trying hard and he likes to win and hates to lose, and I like it. And it’s pretty fun to watch them practice, because there’s always a lot going on.”

Lennox is still young but we cannot wait for the NHL to get another Peter Forsberg in its ranks!