Peter Laviolette chirps little kid on camera in Game 6.

Peter Laviolette chirps little kid on camera in Game 6.

A young Florida fan is having a blast during Game 6 and he caught the eye of Rangers coach Peter Laviolette.

Jonathan Larivee

As you might imagine both players and coaches are laser focused on the task at hand during the Stanley Cup playoffs and very rarely do they allow themselves to be distracted by the fans in the audience. It is even rarer though to see a fan distracting someone on the bench while the cameras are rolling.

On Saturday night during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final between the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers, a young Florida Panthers fan could be seen flexing shirtless behind the glass that was directly behind Rangers head coach Peter Laviolette. Laviolette was being interviewed by ESPN's Emily Kaplan at the time, and he couldn't help but reveal that the kid behind the glass had in fact caught his eye.

"How about this guy behind us?" chirped Laviolette with a laugh.

The young fan appeared to be well aware of the fact that the cameras were on him as he just continued flexing through the entire interview, even earning a little elbow on the glass from the Rangers head coach when he was done speaking with Kaplan.

In spite of the fact that the young fan was clearly cheering for the opposition, Laviolette seemed to be loving every second of it and it made for a rather unexpectedly genuine moment from the Rangers head coach.