Pettersson criticizes his GM and claims Canucks should never have let Toffoli go!

The former Canucks forward is the league scorer in the NHL and had 8 goals in 5 games vs. Vancouver.


On Tuesday night, Montreal Canadiens’ Tyler Toffoli was once again pumped to face his former team, the Vancouver Canucks, who did not bother to submit him an offer this offseason. He lasted until the third day of free agency before getting signed! And so the Canadiens took him on and they aren’t upset about it. Toffoli recorded his ninth goal of the season in the second period of the Canadiens’ game against the Canucks and it is one of the best goal of the year. 

Toffoli managed to control the pick with a toe drag and put it past goalie Thatcher Demo with an amazing backhand. There are no words to describe it. Just watch: 

After a 6-2 loss at the Habs, Canucks forward Elias Pettersson, who’s been in and out of it since the start of the season, claimed that the Canucks shouldn’t have let Toffoli go on the free-agent market, hence losing him to the Canadiens. 

“What do you say?” Pettersson added, per The Athletic. “He should’ve scored some of those last year. He’s a great player, awesome guy. It sucks that he has to score those goals against us, but it is what it is, we have to play him tighter.”

Toffoli came to Montreal with 145 goals already banked and it looks like he’s ready to put up many more with his new team.