Pettersson makes Markstrom look silly with absolutely insane snipe

Pettersson makes Markstrom look silly with absolutely insane snipe

Markstrom doesn't even try!



The beat goes on for Vancouver Canucks superstar Elias Pettersson.

Pettersson, a pending restricted free agent who is set to cash in BIG TIME with the Canucks on his next deal, extended his league lead in points with an absolute bullet that he fired past Calgary Flames goaltender Jacob Markstrom this evening.

Check out Pettersson's 8th goal of the season and his NHL leading 27th point from tonight, making look Markstrom look foolish in the process:

Markstrom doesn't even move! 

He knows he can't get there in time, so maybe he just saves himself the energy?

In any case, Pettersson's goal was assisted by teammates Quinn Hughes and JT Miller, who both also have 27 points and are tied with Pettersson at the top of the league's point standings. Remarkable. 

This team looks to be the real deal and is showing absolutely NO SIGNS of slowing down. There's a very good chance that Pettersson, Miller AND Hughes all end up in the 100 point club by the end of this season. In the case of both Miller and Hughes though, they're under contract for years to come. But Pettersson stands to absolutely break the bank for the Canucks if he can keep up his pace.

UPDATE: Annnnnnnnnd the Flames have tied it. Go figure. As soon as I try to give a player and his team some credit, they go and cough up the lead to make me look foolish. But hey, it could be worse. At least I don't look as foolish as Markstrom...

I kid, Flames fans, I kid.

Frankly, I'm actually hoping that the Flames can get their season back on track because the Canucks and the Flames are incredible rivals when both teams are firing on all cylinders. Sure, it's not a rivalry that has the history of the Flames and Edmonton Oilers and it doesn't have the geographical significance of the Canucks and Seattle Kraken, but it's still a fiery rivalry all the same.

I'd love nothing more than to see these two Western Canadian teams go to war tonight and for the balance of the season.

Source: Sportsnet