Phaneuf coming back to Toronto for first time since the trade

What kind of reception will he get from the fans?

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For most players, your first time back to the team that you spent many years is often a special moment. However, for Dion Phaneuf, it is a wait and see how things go type of return.

We all know the history of Phaneuf with the Leafs. He has basically been through it all during his 430 game, 7 seasons in Toronto. Unfortunately the downs heavily out weigh the ups. Being the captain of a team who was going through some tough times often means you are the focus of the blame and his huge contract didn't help. Phaneuf was often the center of some anger from Leaf fans. He dealt with it as best as he could and faced the music every night.

Now he is wearing the "other" jersey in the battle of Ontario. Some fans will cheer his return and some will most definitely boo. Most fans are happy to be rid of his huge contract. Phaneuf will undoubtedly be nervous and it will be a bit of a crazy night. It has already been a bit of a circus with all the media coverage.

One thing to not forget is Dion gave everything he had most nights for the Maple Leaf in front of the jersey. For that reason, we should cheer his return and say thanks for those 430 games. Now tonight it will be game 1 of him in a Senators jersey at the ACC.