Phil Kessel ANGRY after losing blade.

Oh he was mad.

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Yesterday's game between the Penguins and the Capitals was crucial. The stakes were at their highest with the pivotal 4th game on the line. With Sidney Crosby injured, the Pens had to win that one to get a comfortable lead on the Caps and manage their captain's absence. 

As usual, it was an intense battle and players were pushing hard to win. Phil Kessel is known as a fierce competitors and this sequence demonstrates it once more. 

After losing a blade on the ice, he retreated to the bench to get it fixed. It wasn't going fast enough for him and he quickly became pissed off beyond measure. Of course, it was fixed in the end and he contributed to his team's victory. 

It is interesting to see so many players losing blades these days. A new technology exists now, allowing to swap the blade right off the skate frame. Although it's a genius idea, it weakens the blade mount and sometimes, it falls off.