Phil Kessel earns a new nickname from the Golden Knights.

Phil Kessel earns a new nickname from the Golden Knights.

Kessel getting chirped by his new teammates.

Jonathan Larivee

There's no doubt that over his lengthy career in the National Hockey League, one that has spanned several different teams, veteran forward Phil Kessel has earned a few nicknames along the way.

The most common nickname that everyone will immediately recognize is of course 'Phil the Thrill' a nickname that he has earned both seriously for his incredible level of talent and half-jokingly because of what has often looked like a lack of dedication to his craft. The newest nickname being sported by Kessel is in a similar vein with it poking fun at the often awkward superstar forward, while also being a term of endearment from those who came up with the nickname.

It would seem that Kessel, who hasn't exactly been known for his stellar defensive player over the years, impressed his new teammates on the Las Vegas Golden Knights early on in the season with a few defensive plays and earned the nickname 'Selke' along the way. Every fan of the NHL will immediately get the reference to the trophy awarded annually to the best defensive forward in the league, an award that Kessel has never come close to earning in his career.

It seems the nickname has stuck as well, with it being used to chirp Kessel after his record breaking 990th consecutive game earlier in the season. As the Golden Knights were all huddled around for a team photo, they could be heard counting down with '1, 2, 3, Selke' which elicited a laugh from everyone around Kessel.

It would seem that the often enigmatic figure that is Phil Kessel has quickly endeared himself to his new teammates.