Phil Kessel responds to the trade rumors swirling around him.

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There has been rampant trade speculation floating around Pittsburgh Penguins forward Phil Kessel, and TSN reporters were able to catch up to the National Hockey League star and ask him about the rumors directly.

Kessel didn't seem too bothered by it all, he answered the questions with a smile on his face.

"You know what it happens all the time right? I've been traded before and if I get traded again it is what it is."

The two-time Stanley Cup champion is viewing things fro ma pragmatic perspective, although he did admit he does not know why the Penguins would want to trade him.

"You know it's a business, you've got to look at it like that."

Kessel also added that any team trading for him would be receiving a hard working player, not to mention the man with the most playoff goals over the course of the last two Stanley Cup Playoffs.

"If I'm somewhere else I'll play hard for them."


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