Philly police dog takes a dump on Flyers logo at center ice

Perfect symbolism for the Flyers' 2021-22 season.


In case you missed the news earlier today, the Philadelphia Flyers have announced that head coach Alain Vigneault and assistant coach Michel Therrien have been relieved of their duties. Assistant coach Mike Yeo will take over for Vigneault on an interim basis.

The Flyers have gotten off to an absolutely dreadful start to the 2021-22 season and Yeo will be tasked with getting them back to respectability. They're currently sporting an awful 8-10-4 record, but if they can turn things around in the next 10-20 games there's a chance that they could crawl their way back into the Metro Division's playoff race. But... I'm not holding my breath.

Just hours after the announcement of Vigneault's and Therrien's firing, some local Philly police dogs took to the ice at Flyers practice in an effort to bring some cheer to a group that could desperately use it. Things, however, didn't go exactly as planned...

In perhaps the best case of symbolism this season, one of the dogs took a big fat dump at center ice directly on the Flyers' logo.

Check it out:

If that's not perfectly emblematic of the Flyers' season, I don't know what is. Just perfect.