Phoenix approves construction of $115 million arena but the Coyotes can't play there!

What a mess!

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According to a report from Arizona Coyotes insider Craig Morgan, Phoenix city council has approved construction of a brand new $115 million arena on the campus of Arizona State University. Great! Finally the Coyotes get a proper arena in the city of Phoenix, right!? Wrong. The 5,000 seat capacity building will be used by The ASU Sun Devils but, obviously, won't be large enough for the Coyotes.

Check it out:

To be frank, how long is the NHL going to continue to prop up this dying franchise? What is it going to take? The NHL has cut bait on markets like Quebec, Winnipeg and Atlanta with relative ease, but they've pulled the Coyotes out of the fire literally a dozen times. How much longer can they keep taking losses before something is done and this team is finally relocated to a more stable hockey market? Either get this team into a situation in Phoenix that actually WORKS or cut bait and move on to another market. Good grief...