Physical altercation between Bunting and Lemieux on Monday.  

Physical altercation between Bunting and Lemieux on Monday.

Two new members of the Carolina Hurricanes clashed on Monday, in a battle between two on-ice agitators.

Jonathan Larivee

It would appear as though two new members of the Carolina Hurricanes roster are exactly seeing eye to eye, at least not in training camp.

On Monday, Carolina Hurricanes beat writer Cory Lavalette reported on the second altercation that has already occurred in training camp between newly minted teammates Michael Bunting and Brendan Lemieux. Both men are new to the Hurricanes with the Canes signing former Maple Leafs forward Michael Bunting to a 3 year deal carrying a cap hit and average annual value of $4.5 million this summer and signing former Los Angeles Kings forward Brendan Lemieux to a one year deal valued at $800,000.

The decision to bring both men in was clearly designed to bring an edge to the Hurricanes lineup that the team felt it was lacking, but thus far the chemistry between the two notorious agitators has led to them agitating one another. In fact, according to Lavalette, veteran National Hockey League defenseman Brent Burns was forced to step in this time and split the two men apart.

If the Hurricanes are forced to choose between one or the other it is clear that Bunting will be the one who emerges victorious, given his value as an offensive threat that Lemieux simply does not have himself. However it sounds as though Bunting was the instigator, at least this time around, when he nailed Lemieux with an errant shot late during a drill in training camp.

It seems unlikely that these will force a move of that kind however and one could even argue that both men are showing the type of character that led to them being recruited by the Hurricanes in the first place this summer. Both agitators appear to be in mid season form, which could be a sign of headaches to come for their opponents this season.