Pierre LeBrun is worried about Carey Price

Well, this isn't good.

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Carey Price's absence is getting longer and longer, and there is absolutely nothing that indicates us the Habs' star goaltender will be back any time soon. 

More people are starting to get worried about Price, who suffered a lower-body injury back on November 2, against the Minnesota Wild. And I'm not only talking about fans here.

One of the NHL's most renowned insiders, TSN's Pierre LeBrun, said today on 91,9FM today that he was really starting to get worried. 

"Honestly, I'm starting to get worried. At the end of the day, we don't even know when Carey Price is going to be back."

Have the Canadiens told the whole truth to their fans? Is Carey Price injured more severely than we initially thought? It's hard to say. At least, Charlie Lindgren is playing well for now.

Are you also starting to get worried about Price's condition?