Pierre McGuire implies Jake DeBrusk could be Alberta bound

Is a deal on the horizon?



What exactly does the future hold for Boston Bruins forward Jake DeBrusk? As you remember, he once asked Bruins management for a trade before changing his mind and agreeing to a two-year contract extension. That extension happens to expire this summer. 

Naturally, DeBrusk responded in the same manner that just about every other player answers when asked if they'd like to remain in their current location. 

“Yeah, of course,” Debrusk answered before the reporter was even finished asking. “That’s what I’ve been consistent with since – I think the first time I was asked was in the summer – but yeah. This is all I know, and I grew up here and have obviously evolved and grown in different ways. It’s one of those things where I want to win here. We were one game away in ’19, and I want to win a Cup here in Boston. So that’s my complete focus.”

Everyone's favorite former in-game analyst Pierre McGuire had the following to say about DeBrusk's potential future with the Bruins, and hints that one of the two Alberta teams would be a potential fit. 

“If I were the agent, I’d be using [Ottawa Senators forward] Drake Batherson (six years, $29.8 million, $4.9M AAV) as one comparable, and I’d be using [Philadelphia Flyers forward] Travis Konecny (six years, $33 million, $5.5M AAV), as another comparable,” McGuire said. “And, know that those deals were signed a couple of years ago, so there’s going to be inflation in favor of DeBrusk.”

“But here’s what I do know: If the Bruins don’t sign him – and, I don’t know if they will or won’t, I’m sure they value him – I guarantee him an Alberta team will offer him a major contract,” McGuire said. “I guarantee you, whether it’s Edmonton or Calgary, he’s going to be taken care of in the province of Alberta. That’s if Boston doesn’t sign him, and that’s not a scare tactic; it’s reality. I mean, there’s a need there for that type of player.”

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