Pierre McGuire makes a bizarre pick for Selke Trophy winner

Oh, Pierre…

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NHL on NBC analyst Pierre McGuire isn’t exactly known for his salient takes. The man is a living, breathing hot take and is most often greeted with one giant collective eye roll from hockey fans whenever he’s on TV.

Case in point: Pierre’s picks for the 2020 Selke Trophy winner as the NHL’s best defensive forward.

While most hockey analysts are extolling the virtues of defensive wizards like Patrice Bergeron, Sean Couturier and Ryan O’Reilly for the award, Pierre is throwing another player into the mix… Brad Marchand.


Look… I may not be the biggest Marchand fan in the world (My brand of hockey doesn’t include licking) but I can appreciate that the guy is an ABSOLUTE beast on the ice. Giving him a Selke nod, though? That’s just silly.

Marchand is without a doubt one of the best offensive (in both uses of the word) players in the NHL, but he’s got a looooooong ways to go until he can be listed alongside Bergeron, Couturier and O’Reilly when it comes to his defensive game.