Pierre McGuire mansplains hockey to Olympic Gold medalist Kendall Coyne in most condescending way

Yes, you may cringe.

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Kendall Coyne Schofield became the first woman to compete in the NHL All-Star Skills Competition on Friday, which had her hired by NBC as an analyst for the Wednesday Night Hockey game between Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins. 

The 26-year-old appeared on the pregame show and then go Inside the Glass with Pierre McGuire, who we all know can make things awkward on several occasions. 

McGuire didn't seem to remember that Coyne Schofield is a five-time World Championship gold medalist and helped the United States to capture gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics. She plays hockey at a high level, nonetheless understands how being in a broadcast booth works.

“Tampa’s going to be on your left, Pittsburgh’s going to be on your right," McGuire told Coyne Schofield on air. "We’re paying you to be an analyst, not be a fan tonight."

That tone. Yes, you may cringe. C'mon Pierre, you're talking to a hockey champ here! 

Coyne Schofield had the perfect answer, proving that she can do this job as good, or even better some will say, than McGuire. She is a communications major who worked as a sideline reporter while at Northeastern, and it showed. 

On social media, fans have pointed out that McGuire's condescendence didn't stop there as he reportedly continued talking to Coyne Schofield in a questionable tone during the broadcast. Maybe he felt his job was in jeopardy since she did so well. 

Some will also say it isn't the first time McGuire makes a questionable move towards Coyne Schofield. Right after the Fastest Skater competition on Friday, in which she finish seventh, McGuire was on the ice and skated up to her during the event to get an interview. However, it was quickly noticed on social media that McGuire grabbed her in an uncomfortable way...  

People love to go after McGuire!