PK Subban officially announces his retirement
PK Subban  

PK Subban officially announces his retirement




Buckle up, folks... PK Subban has officially announced his retirement from the NHL at just 33 years old.

The former Norris Trophy winning defenseman made the announcement on his social media accounts this morning.

Check it out:

From Subban himself:

I remember my dreams of playing in the NHL and winning a Stanley Cup, similar to the guys on the Don Cherry Rock ‘em Sock ‘em tapes at the end of every volume, with the black eyes, broken bones, and tears of joy. To this day, I still dream about it.

However, the end of this chapter is closing and after 13 years in the NHL, I have made the decision to retire. 

I never looked at myself or ever felt I was “just a hockey player.” I always looked at myself as a person who happened to play hockey. Having that perspective allowed me to enjoy every shift like it was my last, celebrate every goal with emotion, and play every game as if someone paid to watch me play who had never seen me play before.

I want to thank my parents Karl and Maria for literally being the best people I have ever met! I have been spoiled everyday with love and support from you, and I don’t know how to put into words how grateful I am for the sacrifices you guys have made for me. I’m so fortunate to have the best and most supportive brothers and sisters I could ask for. 

To all my fans that have supported me and continue to support me since the first day I stepped on to the ice, thank you! You picked me up when I was down, supported me through tough times and had my back through it all!

To an amazing league that gave me the opportunity to compete at the highest level with some of the best athletes in the world. The NHL also provided me with a platform that allowed me to give back thru my charities. A sincere thank you to the many players that I either played with or competed against who brought out the best in me. A heartfelt appreciation to the Montreal Canadians, Nashville Predators and New Jersey Devils for each representing organizations with class and integrity.

I look forward to the road ahead, and the many exciting opportunities to come. I’m excited to share what those are with you all when the time comes!

With love, appreciation, and all the happiness I could ever hope for,


The two time NHL All-Star and 2013 Norris Trophy winner ends his career with 115 goals and 467 points in 834 career regular season games.

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