Player handcuffed and arrested while still on the ice!

This is insanity.

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First and foremost, I'm not justifying the actions this young man decided to take, however the fact that he was handcuffed and arrested on the ice seems more than just a little ridiculous to me.

During a Junior AA game in Sherbrooke, Quebec 21 year old player Olivier Marcotte completely lost his cool, he was in the middle of a playoff game and tensions can run high, but Marcotte went way overboard. According to multiple reports Marcotte spit in the face of an on ice official, and that's when the confrontation you see take place at the start of the video occurred.

There's no doubt Marcotte deserved to be ejected from the game for such action, and you could easily argue that a lengthy suspension from play would also have been warranted, but what happened instead was almost surreal. Two officers from the Surete du Quebec showed up to handcuff and arrest the young man on the spot, and to clarify these are not your normal local law enforcement officers, they are provincial police, the equivalent of state police.

Why they were the ones who showed up, or if they were already at the game while on duty is still unclear at this time, we do however have a video of the whole crazy incident.