Player receives 25 stitches after skate blade slices across his neck.


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Adam McQuaid is one lucky guy.

The Boston Bruins' defenseman is known for his toughness, but this takes the phrase "hockey tough" to a whole new level. McQuaid received 25 stitches after getting cut on the neck by the skate of teammate David Backes on Saturday, interim head coach Bruce Cassidy confirmed.

“I don’t think many guys saw it on the ice,” said McQuaid, whose stitches resemble a zipper running halfway across the right side of his neck. “Once I got to the bench, Colin Miller at first was like, ‘Oh, you’re OK.’ Then, ‘No, actually, you’re cut. You might want to have it looked at.’ ”

Believe it or not, McQuaid has been cleared to play on Monday against the Ottawa Senators.

"He's a tough customer," said interim head coach Bruce Cassidy.

Here is a look at the scary incident: