Player reveals photo of his brain surgery after seizure on the bench.

Oh boy this looks nasty.

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Here's yet another example of just how incredibly tough and resilient hockey players are as a general rule.

Many fans will probably remember a terrifying event that took place at the start of this year, when Grand Rapids Griffin Alden Hirschfeld had a seizure on the bench. It was an awful moment, only made slightly better by the fact that Hirschfield appeared relatively alright after the fact.

It was later announced that Hirschfield would need brain surgery to correct an abnormality of the brain, and he did just that, and now Hirschfield has taken to social media to share his story, as well as a rather gruesome photo of the side of his head, one that includes a nice row of sutures.

We just want to give a fair warning to our readers, some people may find the image below disturbing. And on a more positive note we're glad Hirschfield is recovering well enough to tweet out pictures of his ordeal just a few days following the surgery.