Player suffered spinal cord injury at Winter Classic.

She is doing better.

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Boston Pride's Denna Laing, from the National Women Hockey League suffered a spinal injury during the firs women game at the Winter Classic on December 31st.

The women's game took place before the alumni game around 2:00pm and the sun was still high in the sky, making for the ice condition a bit difficult. Laing apparently lost her footing and crashed head first into the boards. The medical staff acted quickly and stabilized her on a stretcher.

Her family confirmed that she has limited movement of her arms, but she still does not feel anything in her legs. Doctors are evaluating her daily.

Gary Bettman issued a statement late on Friday.

"Everyone at the National Hockey League, including the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens, joins Denna Laing's coaches, teammates, friends, and fans in wishing Denna the very best as she confronts the challenges ahead," commisioner Gary Bettman said in a statement. "While we are certain Denna will be served well by the tenaciousness that is her trademark, we also will work with the Laing family to rally the support of the hockey family during Denna's rehabilitation."

Donna posted hours before the game that this was "the best day of my life". It is terribly sad that such an historic event turned to a catastrophe for Denna Laing.