Player uses skate blade to attack rival’s face during on-ice fight



The post caught my attention on Reddit with the title: Beer League Hockey is Like Fight Club on Ice. As I watched the video, at first, all I could see was the usual nonsense of a beer league game : grown men jumping on one another, preferring to fight than to play the great game of hockey.

But then, the two players laying on the ice after throwing punches caught my eye. And hopefully the victim here didn't get hurt in his... 

As the referee attempts to separate them, we can see that the player on the bottom of the pile pushes his rival away, but then he kicks him in the face with his skate blade.

The video is short, but pay attention to how the men get separated and then one is attacked by the blade:

As soon as he kicks his rival, players jump on him to stop the madness. Well, some of them probably also get to him to make him pay for the dangerous move.

I mean players already have an edge when they dropped the gloves to hit one another, they cannot use the weapons that are on their feet! This is so dangerous and we get why it’s going viral on Wednesday.