Players push back against NHL when it comes to the draft

Teams are unhappy with the plan!

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While the National Hockey League keeps pushing for a return to action in June in order to finish the season and crown a Stanley Cup winner, some teams and players are busy pushing back hard on the proposal to hold the 2020 NHL Draft in June.

It was recently reported that the NHL was still considering holding the 2020 NHL Draft in June, despite the current season not being over and the decision impacting the order and lottery odds. 

That why some teams and sources reached out to  reporter Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now to express their anger towards that plan. This is what a close source had to say to Murphy: 

 “Forget the fact that so much of what can still happen in the draft will be determined by the outcome of not just the season but also the playoffs. …this is nuts,” the source said. “They [the league] think they can just dictate this but it’s not that easy.”
“(The NHL) is force-feeding the draft down our throats and insisting that if a season is still going happen, the draft sets it up in early June.  (Sportsnet)  laid out a plausible plan of how that could work, but if a vote was held today, the top-ranked draft prospects won’t find out what jersey they’ll get the chance to don until at least September.”

The league has yet to make a decision on the upcoming draft and what will happen next with the season. It is believed that a scenario in which four NHL cities would hold the remainder of the calendar and playoffs is strongly being considered. 

It remains to be seen what will happen with the draft…