Players shocked and unhappy as general manager take overs behind the bench.

General manager fires his coach and takes over behind the bench.


It doesn't sound like this was a popular decision among the players.

The hockey world is still catching up on Monday morning after the Florida Panthers stunned fans when they announced that head coach Gerard Gallant had been fired after a rough start to the season, this despite leading the team to it's best regular season performance in the club's histopry in 2015-20165.

A report from TSN insider Bob McKenzie has revealed that the players on the Panthers roster are just as surprised by the move as we are and it doesn't sound like they are taking it well at all. The Florida Panthers roster is "largely disappointed and unhappy" according to McKenzie.

The situation became even more bizarre on Monday when it was revealed that general manager Tom Rowe would be taking over as head coach for the remainder of the regular season.

Certainly sounds like there was more going on behind the scenes here and that may be the source of the players unhappiness todau.