Players vote on the 'biggest pain in the ass' in the NHL!

This is an awesome category.

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This survey from the National Post is pure gold.

Players are often asked all sorts of interesting questions in these surveys, but this one was particularly terrific because not only was it light hearted in nature, but it's actually rather funny as well. The question asked of the players who were surveyed is: "Who is the biggest pain in the ass to play against?"

The fun part here is how players interpreted the question, did they choose someone they hate playing against? A particularly quality and difficult opponent? Or perhaps someone who just get on their nerves?

Fans where asked to vote in this poll as well, and for this question they were asked who they "think" would be the biggest pain to play against. First here is how the fans voted in order from 1-5.

Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand, Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher, Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara, Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin.

For the result from the player poll you can consult the lovely graph below courtesy of the National Post.