Police express “exasperation” after Leaf fan makes bogus 911 calls during Amber Alert.

That is just disgusting.

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There is always that one guy who tries to make everyone else look bad. 

A report from Chris Fox of CP24 has revealed the details disturbing report released by Peel Regional Police that details the utter chaos that they have to deal with during what is already an incredibly chaotic situation. Police last month were scrambling to locate a missing 11 year old girl named Riya Rajkumar and utilized the wide reach permitted to them thanks to a tool that we have all come to know as an Amber Alert. The alert immediately sends out a signal to every home in the area to notify them of the missing child in the hopes that someone, somewhere, will have spotted the people of interest and in theory greatly increasing the chances of finding the potential victim.

Unfortunately the efforts of law enforcement were not enough to save young Riya's life, her father was charged in the case before taking his own life, and I am sad to say that those efforts were hampered by the carelessness of every day citizens in the area. I can understand someone feeling like an Amber Alert is a major inconvenience, we are after all human beings, but according to this report 911 was flooded with wasteful calls of people effectively trolling the emergency hotline while police where scrambling to find this young girl.

During the Amber Alert emergency services claim they were hit with 208 calls, something that marks an increase of 65 per cent, spreading their resources thin in the process. What makes this so infuriating however is the fact that a whopping 43 per cent of those 208 calls were deemed to be wasteful, that is disturbingly close to half. Now of course some people may have simply been misguided, thinking they had seen something they did not for example, however some of the calls were truly callous in nature. 

I am ashamed to say that hockey fans were among those who should a total disdain for things young lady who would eventually lose her life far too young. Here are some of the worst examples of wasteful calls from the report as per CP24:

“No one can watch TV until this child is found. This will destroy our program, you can’t take away TV completely, it has to be secondary.”

“You have an Amber Alert that I can’t get off my TV.”

“How can I make a complaint about you guys abusing the national emergency system?”

“She is with her father. I don’t think this is a national emergency.”

“This is an invasion of my privacy.”

“We are trying to watch the Leafs game.”

The calls complaining about the alert continued throughout the day even after it had gone out of effect.