Police reports filled and charges forthcoming after insane incident in Russian hockey.

This was absolutely wild!

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Yesterday we reported on a Russian hockey player who absolutely lost his mind during an exhibition game, and while phsyical violence has long been a part of the sport of hockey, there was no question that the player involved in this incident crossed a line.

It appears that many felt that defenseman Damir Ryspayev did in fact cross a line and now Russian reporter Aivis Kalnins is reporting that the Ryspayev may find himself in some serious trouble, and not just when it comes to hockey either.

According to Kalnins Red Star Kunlun has already contacted police and filled a report on the matter and furthermore Red Star Kunlun has already expressed it's intent to press forward with charges against Ryspayev, although what charges will be stemming from this and how they will be handled by authorities is still unclear at this time.

More to come.