Possible David Ayres Disney movie in development

Incredible news on the one year anniversary of his historic win!


It's hard to believe with everything the world has gone through in the past year that today marks the one year anniversary of one of the most unusual and historic moments in NHL history. I'm talking, of course, about Toronto Maple Leafs employee David Ayres suiting up for the Carolina Hurricanes in an emergency situation and leading his team to victory over the Leafs.

I mean... who can forget moments like these?

When reflecting on his memories of that historic moment a year ago earlier today Ayres revealed to NHL.com that he has been in discussion with Disney to create a movie on his incredible once in a lifetime moment.

"Even after all this time and everything that has gone on with the world, it's still kind of surreal," Ayres said to Mike Zeisberger of NHL.com. "It's almost like something out of a Hollywood script. I guess Hollywood thinks so, too, since I'm consulting with the writers on a movie Disney is doing on it.

"I think people can relate because it's kind of the story of an everyday person getting his shot, his moment in the sun. It's nice that it can put smiles on people's faces in COVID times."

Hell to the YES, David. Personally, I see Ayres as not all that different from myself and it was an incredible moment to live vicariously through this stranger even just for one game. Go to any beer league in North America and you'll find teams full of guys who wish they could have their "David Ayres moment" in the NHL too.

I really, truthfully hope that some sort of movie comes out of this. Personally I'd like to see something a little more adult than what Disney usually serves up, but if it can be turned into a cool film for kids then I'm all good with that too. Whatever it ends up being I just know that I need more David Ayres in my life!

As for Ayres, he admits that he's pretty much gone back to his regular life but that he still gets recognized from time to time.

"Over the past year, someone has reached out pretty much every single day in some way or another about the game, whether it be at the grocery store, an interview, a podcast or via social media," he said. "Some want to talk about being at the game, others just want to say congrats.

"Sometimes it feels like 10 years ago, sometimes it feels like yesterday, but it makes you relive the moment."

Man... if that were me I'd walk around with my game jersey on 24/7!