Post-game question leaves Stars' Wyatt Johnston in tears.

Post-game question leaves Stars' Wyatt Johnston in tears.

A heartbreaking moment following the Stars elimination in Game 6 on Sunday night.

Jonathan Larivee

When we look back at Stanley Cup playoff moments from the past we tend to focus on the moments of glory and victory, the moments where heroes are made and legends become immortalized forever in the minds and hearts of hockey fans around the world. There is another side to that coin however and it is a side filled with heartbreak and disappointment, and unfortunately it is the side most of those who enter the playoffs get to experience each and every year.

On Sunday night, Dallas Stars forward Wyatt Johnston would learn that lesson first hand when he and his teammates were eliminated in Game 6 of the Western Conference Final by the Edmonton Oilers, a devastating moment for the 21 year old.

There was a question following the Stars elimination that would reveal just how much this one hurt for Johnston, while also revealing the quality of his character as a young man. Johnston fielded difficult questions about the Stars loss with poise and composure, but when he was asked about teammate Joe Pavelski the mask he was wearing on his face would break, and the tears would shine in his eyes.

"Yeah I mean a lot," said Johnston with tears in his eyes and his voice breaking. "I can't thank him and his family enough for what they've done for me."

It wasn't the pain of losing that hurt Johnston the most, but instead it was the pain of failing to achieve the ultimate goal for a teammate that may never get another chance to compete for the Stanley Cup ever again. A teammate that, along with his family, has welcomed Johnston into his home and treated him like family.

You can hear Johnston's comments on Pavelski, along with teammate Tyler Seguin's thoughts on Pavelski, in the short clip below.