Potential return package disclosed in Patrick Kane trade

Which team is ready to pay that price?


Time flies and Chicago Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane might be closer to a decision when it comes to getting moved ahead of the trade deadline to join a contender for a chance at another championship.

Kane’s agent Pat Brisson previously mentioned how his client’s situation was very similar to the one Claude Giroux experienced last season. Giroux, a life-long member of the Philadelphia Flyers at the time, dealt with the heartbreaking move of a trade to a Cup contender and Brisson agreed that Kane could live the same situation later this season.

“It’s very similar, yes,” Brisson told The Athletic earlier this season. “The respect that both players have for each organization. Claude will have his number in the rafters in Philly one day, I do believe, and obviously Patrick as well in Chicago. Both players are very respected on those teams. Claude at the beginning of last season wanted to see how things were going to go with the Flyers. We realized pretty soon, by November, that if he wanted a chance at trying to win a Cup last season, he would have to make a decision. And he picked Florida. The Panthers were one of the most attractive teams at the trade deadline.”

Insider Frank Seravalli goes further on Wednesday, reporting that Kane’s return package will have to match the one the Flyers got in the Giroux transaction to the Florida Panthers.

“If you’re looking for a potential style of deal in both managing it and potential return package, look back on how Claude Giroux departed Philadelphia last spring.”

Frank Seravalli 

Giroux was moved to the Panthers for a chance at the championship in return for forward Owen Tippett, a first-round pick in the 2024 NHL Draft or 2025 NHL Draft, and a third-round pick in the 2023 NHL Draft.

It sounds like this will be the price tag for Kane if the Hawks move him ahead of the March deadline.

Kane carries a $10.5 million cap hit plus a full no-movement clause giving him full control over where he might go. These will come into play no matter which team becomes the teams for his services closer to the deadline. He has been linked to several contenders like the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders and Buffalo Sabres. It is believed that Kane informed his GM Kyle Davidson that he will NOT accept a trade to the Leafs. But I guess it could depend on where they stand later this season in the playoff picture.

And now it will depend of which team is willing to pay the Claude-Giroux-like price to acquire Kane, especially if a sweetener needs to be added if Chicago absorbs some of his cap hit.