Potential Sens owner Neko Sparks fires back at a fan.

Potential Sens owner Neko Sparks fires back at a fan.

One of the bidders for the Ottawa Senators had some choice words for fans who have been critical of his participation.

Jonathan Larivee

One of the potential owners of the Ottawa Senators has just shown that he's not afraid to let his personality shine through on social media, but just how that will be received by fans in the Ottawa market remains to be seen.

On Saturday, Senators ownership hopeful Neko Sparks took to social media to fire back at a fan that had made comments that were rather critical of his bid. Reports have emerged this week that Sparks continues to seek investors for his bid to purchase the Senators, and that in turn has led some to question just how serious his group truly is.

One of those doubters is a user that identifies himself as "SweetSENSations" on social media and he let Sparks know in no uncertain terms that he felt his bid was held together by nothing more than "spit."

It was this comment that would prompt a response from Sparks, albeit a few days after the comment was made, with Sparks making no effort to spare the feelings of his critics.

"How would you know?" asked Sparks on Saturday. "Wait, you don't. Your judgment is based on what you read; unfortunately, those aren't the facts. Obviously, we're still here for a reason, and it's not spit and quarters. Line up with the other haters because we're not going anywhere."

The response from Sparks has been received rather negatively thus far, with most fans seemingly feeling that it is unbecoming of a potential owner to lash out in such a manner.

No doubt there will also be a fair share of fans who react more positively to a potential owner showing some personality and push back, and regardless this isn't likely to have any impact at all on Sparks' bid to own the team.