Practice halted after Ryan Reaves is shaken up on Sunday.
David Alter  

Practice halted after Ryan Reaves is shaken up on Sunday.

Things continue to be less than ideal for NHL enforcer Ryan Reaves in his tenure with the Maple Leafs.

Jonathan Larivee

Things probably haven't gone as well in Toronto as veteran National Hockey League enforcer Ryan Reaves had likely hoped when he signed a 3 year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs last summer, and unfortunately for Reaves it seems as though he just can't catch a break.

Reaves had another less than ideal day on Sunday when, in his first practice back from the NHL All-Star break, Reaves was shaken up during practice after something appeared to strike him in the area of his head and/or face. It does not appear as though anyone caught what actually happened to Reaves on the ice, but he could be seen favoring his face on the sidelines and eventually went back into the Maple Leafs locker room for what was presumably some type of treatment or check up on his well being.

It was enough for the practice to come to a halt according to Leafs reporter David Alter, however thankfully Alter is also reporting that Reaves has come back out to the ice and appears to be relatively ok.

Reaves was practicing in a grey jersey at the time of the injury, so it does not appear as though he was expected to play, even prior to being shaken up, against the New York Islanders on Monday.