Predators share an awesome preview of their new reverse retro jersey.

This is looking nice.

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Several teams around the National Hockey League have begun to share a preview of their new reverse retro jerseys with their respective fan bases and the Nashville Predators are among those teams, and perhaps even are a standout among those teams. 

The sneak peeks being provided by teams have shown very little thus far but the one shown today by the Predators may be the most revealing of all with a rather unique and awesome shoulder patch being put on full display. I'll also add that the reaction from the Predators fan base to this preview thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, and several have commented specifically on the logo featured on the shoulder patch. 

The preview from the Predators consists of 3 images, one that showcases the shoulder as I mentioned, one that prominently features the Adidas logo that would predominantly feature above the players nameplate, and another that showcases the collar of the jersey. Now of course although the previews look amazing I will withhold judgement until we see the entire thing, but thus far I am feeling pretty positive about what I see.

Although we have to speculate on what the complete jersey will look like, it looks like gold will be the primary color featured on this one. This is part of the league's reverse retro jersey initiative that is being done around the league, but I do think fans in Nashville have something extra special to look forward to.