Preds fan discovers free Stanley Cup Final tickets 5 weeks too late…

Oh. Oh no. You poor, poor man.

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Imagine you’re a huge Nashville Predators fans. Now, imagine you win free tickets to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final in downtown Nashville. Sure, the Pittsburgh Penguins ultimately ended up winning the game and claiming the Stanley Cup on your team’s home rink, but the experience would stay with you for a lifetime. Now… imagine you missed out on everything because you forgot to check Twitter.

Well… that’s exactly what happened to Andrew Fudge, or @lilfudge07 on Twitter. The Preds fan tweeted out a screenshot today of his Twitter inbox which showed FREE tickets for Game 6. All he had to do was come and get them. The problem? He didn’t know until now.

Check it out:

Ouch. That’s rough. Sorry, Andrew. Not only did your team lose, but you lost out on the chance to witness the biggest game in Preds history IN PERSON. Lesson here: stay on top of your social media game!