Professional Athlete says one NHL team has a huge drinking problem.

Well that explains it.

Professional Athlete says one NHL team has a huge drinking problem.

A reality television show is causing some major headaches for one National Hockey League franchise.

A Gaelic football player named Lee Chin was recently a contestant on a show called "The Toughest Trade," the show involves swapping roles with another athlete and in this particular instance it was with Canucks goaltender Alex Auld.

Unfortunately for the Canucks they got way more than they bargained for when Chin spilled the beans on what many would consider a troublesome drinking culture in the Canucks locker room.

“The drinking culture they have, I couldn’t believe it," said Chin as per Yahoo Sports. "They were lowering pints the day before a game. And that was sitting at lunch."

“It was after we played a game on a Sunday, and there was a lunch with the alumni team on the Monday. I was invited, with Erik Gudbranson and one of his teammates beside him. I had a glass a water. Erik was injured, but I asked his teammate if he was playing tomorrow and he said ‘yeah, what’s the big deal?’”


However it was Chin's comments regarding a tradition called the "charge up" that could truly be damning to the organization as he claims it comes form the "manager" himself.

“And they have this thing called a ‘change up’, when a player is not on form, not scoring. The manager will call a ‘change up’, and basically that player has to go out and ruin himself for the night, then come back the next day, with the attitude of you just don’t care.

“So they send him out, drink 20 pints, go off with a couple of women, whatever he wants. And come back the next day. That’s the way they live. It’s the culture, what they believe in, letting off steam like that. I don’t know if they look at the science behind it.”

It's unclear if Chin means the actual general manager here, it seems more likely that he is merely using the European term for coach that is often used in football(soccer). Needless to say the Canucks have a real scandal on their hands following this report.