Proposed trade between the Stars and Devils could change the future for both teams.

Makes sense for both sides.

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Both the New Jersey Devils and the Dallas Stars were big time winners at the draft lottery last month and now there are many asking out loud how that could alter the direction of both franchises.

On Tuesday Matt Larkin of The Hockey News had by far the most interesting take thus far when he suggested that it could lead to a massive trade between the two organizations.

Larkin believes that both the win-now mentality that the Stars have to be looking at with stars like Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin in the prime of their careers, meaning that they could in theory afford to give up their newly acquired third overall pick for a big piece moving forward. Add to that the fact that the Devils are likely looking to build over the long-term and you may have a perfect match.

Larkin would like to see the Stars give up that third overall pick in a trade that would allow them to acquire none other than Devils star goaltender Cory Schneider, who would immediately shore up arguably Dallas' biggest problem, their goaltending.

Here's how Larkin summarized the move for both teams:

The Stars would immediately become a playoff threat again with Schneider in their lineup. He has a no-trade clause, but he’s a competitor. “Come to Dallas and play with Benn and Seguin and try to win a Cup” wouldn’t be a bad sell.

Meanwhile, wouldn’t it be worth it for Devils GM Ray Shero to lose Schneider if it meant owning two of the top three picks? Imagine walking away from the draft with Patrick or Hischier and Makar or Heiskanen. That would change the Devils’ long-term trajectory in a hurry. 

Of course there could also be additional pieces to such a deal, and the Dallas Stars would also have to find a way to move at least one of their existing goaltenders to another team. That being said, this could be a great move for both teams, although Devils fans likely wouldn't be thrilled at the prospect of losing Schneider.