Prosecutors have submitted new evidence against Evander Kane.

Sounds like more trouble for Evander Kane.

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It sounds like more trouble for Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the prosecutor who is overseeing Kane's case has submitted new evidence to the court, evidence that the prosecutor obviously believes will help him reach a conviction in this case.

Kane is facing charges of trespassing, non-criminal harassment, and disorderly conduct as a result of an incident in a Buffalo bar where he allgedly grabbed three different women in three separate incidents by the hair and/or neck.

We don't know what the new evidence is, and we likely may not know for some time unless that information is leaked somehow, and considering the high profile nature of this case the odds of that are small. We do know that assistant district attorney Lynette Reda submitted what she called a deposition to the court this week, so it could be testimony from one of the parties involved.\

This is pure speculation, but it's worth noting that police had struggled to locate one of the three women earlier during this investigation, so perhaps the deposition could be from that witness. She was reportedly the woman who suffered the brunt of Kane's assault, an assault that was captured on video according to a police source. so this could be truly damning for the player.

Anyway you spin this though, it sounds like more trouble for Kane.