Proud Leafs fan Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise to a scrap

Real life really is stranger than fiction. Who you got? The Biebs or Maverick?

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In a story that TRULY proves that real life really is stranger than fiction, pop superstar Justin Bieber, a proud Toronto Maple Leafs fan, has officially challenged Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise to a UFC-styled MMA fight in the octagon. 

Say what?!

Um… excuse me? As someone who is woefully out of date with pop culture, what in tarnation is going on? Do these two have a previous beef? Isn’t Cruise like 30 years older than Bieber?

In any case, it looks like MMA legend Conor McGregor is willing to stage the fight if Dana White and the UFC pass.

Or better yet, how about Battle of the Enforcers featuring The Biebs and Maverick?